Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, and Stalking

Immediate Assistance

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call 911 or one of these numbers:

  • If you have been sexually assaulted, call 608-251-RAPE (Rape Crisis Center 24-hour hotline).
  • If you are experiencing dating or domestic violence, call 608-251-4445 (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services 24-hour crisis hotline).
  • If you are being stalked, call 608-264-COPS 2677 (UW-Madison campus police) or 608-266-4275 (Madison police).

University Health Services supports healthy, mutually respectful relationships free from any form of violence (e.g., sexual assault, dating/intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, stalking).

We are committed to these issues by offering culturally sensitive and empathic crisis intervention, counseling, medical assistance, advocacy, training, education, referral, and prevention services to UW-Madison students, faculty, staff, and students’ friends and family.

Useful resources, services and information can be found in our Sexual Assault and Dating Violence Services brochure [pdf].